Deae dextran chloroquine method

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    Deae dextran chloroquine method

    The soluble complex is added to the cells, which take it up by nonspecific endocytosis. The method described here uses an initial incubation with a DNA/DEAE-dextran mixture, followed by a second incubation in growth medium supplemented with chloroquine.

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    DEAE-Dextran Transfection Kit Product Code DE-DEX Technical Bulletin No. MB 335 TECHNICAL BULLETIN Product Description DEAE-dextran transfection is a method for the introduction of DNA into eukaryotic cells. DEAE-dextran mediated transfection of MK cells with SV40 DNA was first described more than 20 years ago.1 In Unlike DEAE-dextran or calcium phosphate chemical methods, liposome-mediated nucleic acid delivery can be used for in vivo transfer of DNA and RNA into animals and humans Felgner et al. 1995. A lipid with overall net positive charge at physiological pH is the most common component of liposomes developed for gene delivery Figure 2. Chemical Methods for Transfection. Chemical transfection methods typically rely on electrostatic interactions to bind nucleic acid and to target cell membranes. These methods utilize compounds such as calcium phosphate, polycations e.g. DEAE-dextran, and liposomes, as well as more current technologies such as cationic lipids, polymers.

    This protocol describes transfection of lymphocyte cell lines, but it can be used for transient transfection of both adherent and nonadherent cells. Chloroquine is thought to enhance transfection efficiencies by neutralizing lysosomal hydrolases, which can degrade the DNA.

    Deae dextran chloroquine method

    High efficiency polyoma DNA transfection of chloroquine treated cells., Transfection Guide Overview of Transfection Methods.

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  6. TRANSFECTION Aspirate off medium from one Petri dish of cells the cells should be 50-70% confluent. Rinse dish carefully 2X with 10ml ROOM TEMP TS. Add the DNA/DEAE-Dextran mixture 1.5ml vol. to the center of the dish without disturbing. Incubate at room temperature for 15 minutes. Tilt.

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    Likewise, chemical methods used to introduce DNA using DEAE-dextran can become difficult because endocytotic mechanisms that uptake these reagents can accumulate in toxic quantities in the cell. The result is often varying transfection efficiencies which have been found to produce as low as 10% or less successful gene transfer in primary cells. Abstract. DEAE-dextran transfection is one of the oldest chemical, nonviral methods developed to transfer RNA or DNA to cultured mammalian cells 1, 2. Early transfection studies used viral RNA and DNA, which were easy to propagate and purify, and allowed phenotypic discrimination of the transfected mammalian cells. The DEAEdextran-chloroquine shock method17, 18 with 25,gofcesiumchloride gradient-purified DNAand 1.5 mg of DEAE dextran per 10-cm Petri dish. Cells were then incubatedfor 3 hrat 37°C in 6mlofDMEMcontaining 300,tgofchloroquine, washed,andcultured in DMEMfor48or tTowhomreprint requests should beaddressed.

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